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LDPE Bags and LDPE Rolls

LDPE/HM/HDPE Films & Bags are used in various Industries such as: Automobile, Chemical, Pharmacuetical, Garments, Textile, Electronics etc for packing of products.These LDPE bags, LDPE plastic bags and LDPE rolls prevent the product From Dust/Rain And Transit Damage. LDPE Rolls & Bags are being made as per the needs of the company depending upon various specfications of the Product

LDPE Sheet :

The development of today's world has wide usage of plastics in the field of- agriculture, industry, infrastructural projects, etc. In all the above applications, LDPE sheet and LDPE plastic sheet works as an impervious layer. Lining of ponds and reservoirs prevents losses due to seepage. Polyethylenes are one of the most useful indirect agriculture inputs, which provide additional potential from the water by preventing the seepage loss. These LDPE plastic sheet, wide width LDPE film, LDPE liner, LDPE geomembrane and LDPE lining System save gallons of potable and irrigation water, helping to bring about a new second "Green Revolution".

These LDPE bags are widely used for packing purpose:

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